Top 10 Resume and LinkedIn Profile Tips (from Healthcare Recruiters)

Top 10 Resume and LinkedIn Profile Tips (from Healthcare Recruiters)


Find One, Teach One.

Have you ever met someone, whom you thought possessed every possible ability to become an entrepreneur and yet was or is not interested in owning a business?

This might not be as strange as it is: but in Africa, 3 out of every 5 potential entrepreneur gives up on the dream.
Why? I have noticed 3 major obstacles.
~ I’m yet to be richer than my dreams; nevertheless, I am very valuable in my terms for achieving them. I believe I can and this always produces the provisions to bring my vision to life.
~ I’ve tried it all. Wishful thinking, Developing a hobby, Apprenticeship, 9 to 5, Volunteering, Freelancing, Remote Working, Travel Working, Affiliate Marketing, Team Working, Partnering, Contracting, Joining a Startup, Outsourcing, Bootstrapping, Co – Working Spaces and presently Home Based Offices. Every age has a storyline, a plot, a scene and even a lifespan. It programs our altitude and attitude towards work.

“This one is the major obstacles I have faced as an African entrepreneur living in Africa (is): being under/above the age limit to receive funding for my startup.”

I realized earlier on, digital is the way for me. Simply because “Bricks and Mortars” are very expensive for first time business owners. To lease your first space is still a struggle. Partnership is tricky when the age gap between teammates prohibits delegation, mutual respect and vision sharing. Age shouldn’t limit you, rather it should transform you.
~ I’m still amazed when I meet someone who is unemployed(not necessarily) for the first time and he/she is still labeling lack of information or lack of connection as the problem to their lives not turning out the way they thought it would.

“From the age of 14 till now(I’m 44): I’d been telling myself, I will not talk to or with anyone if I have nothing inspiring to say.”

This has been my most influential inner mantra. It has shaped me into who I am now. It has created an aura around my world that’s made me transcend even when I didn’t try hard. It has also made me meet all sorts of people. It has singled me out of the crowd and equipped me with character, discernment and humility: making me both a servant and a leader everywhere I go. I realize, everyday it’s not about me.
It’s about what I do. How I do it. When I do it. Who I do it with. Why I do it. How I sell it.

It’s about you always. My client, my customer and/or my community.

How can I serve you better gets me ticking.
Let nothing stand in your way.

“You don’t have to pay for your past by giving up on your future. – Joyce Joyner

You can begin again.
Try these 3steps outlined above. Try it in your own way. Whichever comes first…
Capital, Age and Leverage will help you achieve the impossible. It should not be the reasons not to try. You will fail forward when you try. You’ll be edged into succeeding just by keeping your eyes on the prize.

Irrespective of where you live.
I believe we can help each other grow.
Each one of us can reach at least 10 people daily. Each one can teach at least 100 people weekly.

How to become a better person.



I found this image on Pinterest


Very interesting….

It got me thinking….

As a start-up, can you rewind?

Rewind, wow. Certainly – it is very possible. Sometimes it’s even necessary.

The ability to go back to the drawing board is what creates synergy within the enterprise.

What is the DNA of your idea?

Every idea has it’s own life cycle.”

A life tree.

Like a living tree, you can cut it in the middle and it will still grow.

Our ability to reflect on things is our mind rewinding visuals from our subconscious – guiding us to make better connections. To understand – #theDNA – of each of our creations.


Right now I feel so overwhelmed.

I used to be a workaholic.

Now, I am in the middle of a pivoting start-up and all seems very fine.

” Nevertheless, I can’t help but wonder, how can I get more done quickly?”

I really do need a mentor.

“For real.”

Here’s why:

  1. Sometimes I see only the good in people.
  2. Sometimes people do not represent the person I see in them.
  3. Sometimes, people often underrate my potentials.
  4. Sometimes, more often than I expect – people fail to meet my expectations of them.
  5. Sometimes, again more often than they expect I am very different from anyone they’ve met or worked with…
  6. Sometimes, I guess – I just impact them or they influence me.

Right now I chuckle at my thoughts:

…life sometimes wonder, why do we wait so long to just be thankful.

Oftentimes, everything is connected to something that has happened to you sometime ago.

….right now, I feel valued.

In my thread’s brain.

I see fashion living. It calls me.

Within the confinement of my studio, I’m constantly speaking with my needle.

I’m truly not prepared to live without fashion. I wake up and everything in my space screams style. “

However, I haven’t been stylish for a long time. I haven’t been looking fabulously good – but every once in a while I find myself being minimal, nude and really creative with what I wear.

It has to be the designer in me. It is buried in my DNA. I know – I might sound vain – but the truth is..”

Not to bore you.

This is why.

I rather be worn, be sold and be collected worldwide. Wouldn’t you?

Because somehow, within the confinement of my space….

In my thread’s brain….

I’m just a fashion designer emerging to my world.

Rules of engagement.

….everyday is engaging.

Like watching television or listening to the radio – every hour of our lives, can be very engaging.

A few hours ago, I was thinking to myself – “what’s next?”. It’s a question I ask myself whenever I feel burned out. It’s a strategic question I have found out always aids me rediscover my goals – just in case I have been utterly distracted by someone else’s opportunity or failed to identify my own.

….” My seven year old son is so fascinated with computers. Everyday he engages me with an IT related question – I find myself cringing with excitement about his future. ”

…so here I am, wondering to myself – “what’s next?” – and then all of a sudden he decides to engage me with amazing questions about #google.

I tell you – I got more excited and ridiculously scared when I discovered his questions about #google focused more on #googleassistant.

“Dad, what is #google #assistant?”

Oh boy, did he just ask me that? OK, you must understand I live in a country that is almost completely new to the internet of things. When I was seven, I didn’t live in Nigeria – I lived in the Bronx – New York and I was a total nerd – my first favorite toy was a Mac computer. I moved back to Nigeria in my teens, dropped out in my first year at the University because I already knew what I wanted to do….somehow I managed to survive because I had to forge ahead despite the inadequate infrastructure I met. Thank God, this is one of the best times to be in Nigeria – so I’m kinda glad I believed in my Country always.

….anyways back to my son’s inquisitiveness about #googleassistant.

“Hey Google, explain Google assistant to Emmanuel.”

Surprisingly I watch in amazement as my android phone begins to speak. He beams, he is amazed, excited and of course as a kid – he begins like an expert…

“Hey Google, download games, download all the games in this world. Quickly!”

Oh boy, I am on the spot. I move quickly like the flash……Google stop!

“What’s next, right.”

I believe, I have just been engaged by a seven year old on a mission……..

I grab my phone in time to hear his last rule of engagement

“Google, Print out label.”

What do you think? Will I be fine? God help me!


– “visions make the path smoother.”

…i am on a mission. Accomplish, the dream – notwithstanding what may be.

We can only be bold as our visions. We can only be brave as our emotions permits us to be. However, no matter what the case might be – we can only be as strong as the words we say. Our identity is known only when we show others how much we care by going the extra mile to become more than they expect us to be.

#goingtheextramile #isnot #entirely #aboutyou.

“Notwithstanding what the world thinks, their outer vision of you: is entirely different from your inner vision of you.”

In love with a dream.

“Nevertheless is always the best mindset.”

I have always been committed to dreaming. It has been my motivator. So many times, I should have given up. But somehow – I just kept going. I didn’t understand before, nevertheless: I do now. It had to be love, without a doubt – it only had to be love. Take it from me, it takes a disciplined dreamer to become the man in the mirror.

#beaded #accessories – #visions of a #disciplined #dreamers #notepad.